Monday, 10 March 2008

When Schools Try To Be Parents

Here's something we're seeing more and more of, particularly in the area of parenting:

  1. State identifies problems.

  2. State decides that it is best qualified to solve these problems, so takes them upon itself.

  3. States finds out it was harder than it thought - unforeseen side-effects.

  4. Go to 1.

Some parents don't provide their children with a proper breakfast. Solution? Tax payers money goes to schools to provide breakfast clubs. Some parents don't teach their children how to cook. Solution? Compulsory nationwide cooking lessons (see here). The inevitable effect of such foolishness is that even less parents will have breakfast with their children, or teach them such life skills as how to cook - because now the state does it for you! The other side effect is that sensible parents grow increasingly resentful at the states' intrusions into their family homes, as it arrogates to itself ever-multiplying "rights" to monitor things that used to rightly be considered as none of its business and to insist that they are done in the state-approved way even if the parents flatly disagree with them (see here).

Oddly enough, as the state arrogates to itself and particular its schools more and more of parents' responsibilities, school teachers are finding their job more and more overwhelming. Blow me down! To work out what geniuses in Whitehall will suggest the best solution is once they get to grips with the magnitude of this problem, see 2. above.


What we're witnessing is one of the effects of a nation in rebellion against its maker. The spiral of folly/failure/more folly is inevitable. We need divine grace that will transform families and governments, teaching each to joyfully take up its legitimate duties and embrace them for his glory. May God bring to us a spirit of repentance. In the meantime, what an opportunity for Christian parents to take responsibility and show the difference that Jesus Christ brings!

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