Friday, 21 March 2008

More sights you've never seen on the way to your Bible study...

It's Friday again, which means I was going to preach at the early morning Bible study. And along the way, this:

That's the "Household of Faith International Church". Absolutely fantastic. I could never attend it though, as I simply don't have sufficient faith to believe that the building isn't going to collapse on the floor if I enter it. There appear to be about a dozen rather thin branches holding the entire thing up. I hope there are no termites around!

Well, I suppose that if other people go to this church then it's at least reasonable to believe that the whole kaboodle won't topple to the ground. I'd like my faith to have slightly more solid foundations, though. You know - reasons to believe.

The thing I haven't worked out yet is why they chose to elevate this church ten feet off the ground. If it floods that badly that it needs to be off the ground (though it was the only building off the ground I could see), wouldn't just one or two feet be sufficient? Why ten? Did they figure that if the rapture comes on Sunday morning, they'll have a head-start?

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