Friday, 28 March 2008

It's Friday...

It's Friday - time for another photo or two of the weird and wonderful sights to be seen on the way to morning Bible Study!

By the side of the road: a car yard full of VW Beetles, and VW campers. My camera isn't wide-angle - there were plenty more than in the above shot. In the bottom-left of the picture is the rickety bridge/smelly ditch to cross to get into it. The tracks on the mud seem to indicate they drove at least one across it!

What makes this sight so striking is that round here isn't a place full of rich car hobbyists. It's a place full of 10-year old Japanese imports being shaken to pieces on baaaaad roads. On the other hand it is a main road from the airport, so lots of people have to come through at some point. It's a place where people rent road-side space to scratch out a living. Whatever, then, was this collector of VW Beetles doing? Where do they go when he's finished with them? Who pays him? Does he renovate them and export them to collectors in the West? I couldn't figure it out. I'd never seen a Beetle being driven here on the road...

... until now!

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