Friday, 14 March 2008

Real Peace

I live in Kenya. Here we're enjoying peace again, after the politicians came to an agreement.

It is, though, only the normal human kind of peace - which means it's a relative kind of peace. It's the kind of peace where the opposing sides have got enough of what they each wanted, and will agree to tolerate each other - until next time. There's plenty of scope for some more arguments in future. It's a peace built upon compromise - give me some of what I want, and I'll let you have some of what you want, and we'll not say too much about our former fall-out.

The peace which Jesus Christ brings is a completely different kind of peace. It's a real peace; a peace built upon a solid foundation.

Through the gospel, God and man are reconciled. The problems are not just brushed under the carpet or conveniently overlooked. Jesus Christ made a real atonement for sinners, so that God can embrace them without reservation - their wrong-doings have been dealt with. The price is paid - God has all that his holy justice and honour required. His righteous anger is appeased, and now he sees us only in Christ: seeing the perfection of his only beloved.

On man's side the Holy Spirit brings a new attitude towards God in the believer's heart. Christians are no longer doing what's right "just because they have to" or because they don't want to get caught, etcetera. The new-born child of God does what's right because he wants to. He has a new nature, and loves his Father and his Father's ways - the ways of holiness.

It's a real reconciliation - real peace, now and always. It won't flare up again, because God will finish the work he has begun in the believer. It's the ultimate peace, which will last into eternity. Is that the peace you're enjoying? We are and will, whether the politicians like each other or not.

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