Saturday, 8 March 2008

New gods required to not blaspheme

With the imminent repeal of the UK's blasphemy laws, society requires some new gods to not blaspheme. Not having any kind of blasphemy law is not really an option - there have to be some absolutes. For the ideas of "society" and "law" to have any meaning requires them. Why pass laws at all if there are no absolute principles that need enforcing? Otherwise we may as well pass statutes announcing that nobody is allowed to flurgegloop the bloogle-cherry, on pain of being frisked with a frobnicator. So what?

Hence our all-wise overlords, having scouted around a little, have decided that sodomy will be the new non-blasphemeable entity. Quite fitting, as the last successful prosecution under the old laws in the UK was in 1977, when the editor of the "Gay Times" was fined £500 for a blasphemous poem about Christ. Since then, that bastion of free speech and tolerance, a.k.a. the "Gay Rights" movement, has been quite successful in their lobbying, and the UK's MPs are soon to debate a new law which will make "incitement to homophobic hatred" a crime punishable not by £500 fines, but by up to 7 years in the slammer. Is this new blasphemy law really progress? Are the exalted values of Julian Clary and Peter Tatchell really worthy of such special protection, and is it really true that our society really make such wonderful leaps forward when we give them, instead of Jesus Christ, due reverence? Seems rather unlikely.

The severity of the penalties called for by homosexual practitioners and their allies against those who blaspheme their depraved practices are rather telling. It's only someone deeply insecure in their chosen path, and troubled by the voice of conscience speaking against them, who can erupt in such anger whenever their way is questioned - and be led into calling for anyone who does so to be locked away for over half a decade. I don't buy the argument that such laws are in any real way about preventing the incitement of violence - that is already against many existing laws. The real aim of course is to chill the climate a little, so that we think twice before annoying the consciences of those who want to indulge in such depravity.

The good news for those enslaved by homosexuality is that Jesus Christ is still in the business of forgiving and rescuing sinners. The voice of conscience should not be resisted, but listened to - it's there to help us. It speaks of real guilt, real wrongdoing - which a real Saviour, so kind as the Lord Jesus, is able to forgive. The Lord Jesus died and shed his blood on the cross to make atonement for liars, for cheats, for people filled with hatred - and for sodomists. There's a way back! God forgives everyone, whoever they are, who believes. Jesus rose again from the grave to bring forgiveness not to nice, good, religious people (who without Christ are nothing but hypocrites) - but for rotters, swines and cheats. That forgiveness is free for all who reject their sin and trust in him - really free, completely free. The human problem is much deeper than just outward actions, which can be left in other ways which don't deal with the true problem. It's a problem in which homosexual practitioner and non-practioner alike fully share - you, me, all of us. It's the principle of rebellion and depravity lying in our hearts, however expressed. I have that same principle, and God saved me. God accepts us only in the same way as them: through genuine, repentant faith in Jesus Christ. Why don't you come to him? Then join with me and the ranks of noble blasphemers!

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