Tuesday, 5 September 2017

It makes a difference

The spirit of the age encourages us to believe that all religions are basically the same.

And certainly, it's considered rude to think that Catholicism and Protestantism have fundamental differences on vital questions.

But have you actually looked into it? Here, for example, is one of the things the Pope sincerely believes and practises:

Monday, 4 September 2017

How God punishes nations

A few years ago, I read - I think it could have been James Jordan - someone saying that the Biblical pattern when God wishes to punish a nation for its wickedness, is that he raises up a nation even more wicked to do it. "So, you like wicked nations, do you? Here's one for you!".

So, when Israel or Judah turned to pagan idolatry in the Old Testament, then the experts at pagan idolatry would turn up to punish them. When, in the New Testament, the Jewish nation cried out "we have no King but Caesar", a few years later, it was Caesar who ordered her utter destruction. You don't get to say "that's not fair, we might be bad, but we're not that bad!" You do get to say "we've chosen wickedness, and when you choose wickedness, you lose any claim for God's hand of protection against wickedness."

At this point, what North Korea might get up to, is yet to be seen. Whether a warning shot across the West's bows, or whether they might actually nuke somewhere in the West, is unknown. But it bears thinking about, doesn't it?

And no, this isn't about Donald Trump, as if the West only decided how much it loved its rebellion against God a few months ago.