Friday, 18 July 2014

Baby executed at 39 weeks in the UK for being disabled

Is being disabled a crime? Apparently so.

The UK abolished the death penalty for all offences during the last
Labour government - all except one, that is. You can still be put to
death for the offence of being an unborn child whose parents wish that
you did not exist.

If you happen to be physically disabled, then your crime is aggravated:
the rules provide additional circumstances for you to be executed which
do not apply to the able-bodied.

Thursday, 10 July 2014

No consistent stopping place

Once you abandon God's law, there's no consistent stopping place before
you create hell on earth.

Sadly, too many Christians are hoping that there will be. They think to
themselves, "well, I can ignore this latest outrage, and keep my head
down, have the quiet life, and all will be well". It's a delusion,
because evil isn't something we can negotiate with. The devil doesn't
take holidays or keep to his side of the bargain. He'll keep fighting to
the end. Faithful Christians must do likewise.

Case in point:

Lessons from little children

In many bad ways, we never stop being little children. Their faults are
obvious and unhidden; adults add a layer that they suppose is
sophistication to their sin. To God though, this is simply childish: he
sees right through it, even if we persuade ourselves that it was very
clever and cunning.

In other ways, we need to become like little children again: to trust
God, to lose our guile and "sophistication", to take simple delight in
God and his world. To enjoy each blessing in the voyage of discovery of
both for its own sake, instead of trying to fit it into some personal
masterplan which isn't God's (c.f. the book of Ecclesiastes).