Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Circle router - looks like a promising way to keep the kids' Internet use under control

I've been interested in this since it was launched in the US a few years ago. It's apparently now available in the UK, which wasn't so last time I checked. If you have children, an always-on network in your house, and want to keep their Internet usage monitored and controlled (i.e. you are sane), then it looks just the sort of thing you may be interested in as part of your strategy. This is the link (it's not an affiliate link); there are others: . Here's the website for the product itself: .

N.B. This isn't a product endorsement. As I say, it looks potentially interesting and useful, and like it doesn't require technical skills. I do not own one. We are currently controlling online hours with something that requires configuration and troubleshooting networking technologies to a professional level; i.e. considerably beyond the level of operating an ordinary home network:

Remember that ultimately, using the Internet wisely and responsibly is not a technological problem. It is a moral and spiritual one. So, technological solutions are, like the Internet itself, only tools to provide help with part of the issue.