Friday, 27 July 2018

When sanity becomes forbidden...

A woman was banned from a gym, because she didn't want to share the women's changing room and showers with a man. It's not a dystopian future from an over-imaginative novel: it's the UK in 2018.

"Hasn't happened to me yet," somebody says, "and besides, I can live with not going to the gym, or I'll just change at home".

If that's our strategy for dealing with 2018, then few of us (should any of us have any daughters, sisters, wives, or care about anyone who does, that is) are going to enjoy 2028 very much. It's only by speaking up and speaking plainly now, that you can stop the juggernaut. The juggernaut doesn't intend to politely stop 10 inches outside your front door, school, or office, etc.

The Cliff