Saturday, 29 March 2008

Wars of the multi-cultural gods

I've found this news story, running for most of a year now, pretty hilarious: "Hindu monks serve papers on RSPCA".

On the one hand, we have the animal rights brigade who felt sorry for a cow in pain, and obtained a police warrant to enter a Hindu temple and kill it. On the other hand, we have the Hindus themselves, to whom cows are sacred, and for whom to kill one is abominable sacrilege.

Two religions, one ancient, one modern, coming into conflict in a multi-cultural society. A parable for our times!

Multi-culturalism is in the final analysis an idea that is only compatible with poly-theism. No society can ultimately accept multiple cultures unless it also accepts multiple gods. The way that a society operates must be based upon some kind of ideas about reality and reality's ultimate rulers. Many different ways of operating equals many different rulers. The UK's liberal elite want to be multi-cultural; which means they want to have lots of gods. Unfortunately the gods have a nasty habit of falling out with each other. In this case the Nature goddess sacred cow cult who wishes to relieve the pain suffering heffers had a bit of a barney with the bovine goddess of the rival sacred cow cult. The cow lost, or won, depending on whether you think it's too sacred to suffer or to sacred to be put out of its suffering, but its lawyer is mounting a come-back account. Oh the folly... but how we laughed!

In the pantheon of contemporary deities the Nature goddess ranks much higher than her rival, so I don't give the lawsuit much of a chance. Hopefully though there'll be a few more amusing twists in the plot first!

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