Monday, 21 September 2009

Whose children?

This came in via e-mail, something to consider and act upon...

I don't think there's a British Christian who has not been dismayed to see the moral collapse and rise of anti-Christian sentiment in the UK under this present government. But this issue is very serious indeed...
 Graham Badman (not a Bunyan character, but his real name), Kent County Council's Managing Director for the Children, Families and Education Directorate has submited to the government a review of elective home education, which recommends, "systems for keeping children safe and ensuring that they receive a suitable education". That sounds nice...
 But it is precisely the education this government believes 'safe and suitable' that home educators are opting out of! And with good reason.
 Dissatisfied with the amoral, godless, pluralist propaganda the government pumps into our kids in the state schools - they are now gunning for those who withdraw from that system to provide a Christian Education for their children.
  The Badman recommendations aim to supplant parents altogether by making the government-run LEA responsible for determining what is 'a safe and suitable education'.The recommendations in this report are nothing short of totalitarian control.
 Quite apart from the compulsory registration of home educators (perhaps with a gold star!), there's the recommendation for LEA inspectors to have 'right of access' to home educator's homes and the right to speak to children without their parents present.
 Whether you are in favour of Christian home education or not: that's not the issue...
 You are your child's parent, not the state.
 You have the right to decide what education your child receives, not the state.
 You are responsible, under God, to decide what is good, suitable, and right for your child, not the state.
 Eph.6:4  And you, fathers, do not provoke your children to wrath, but bring them up in the training and admonition of the Lord.
 Whatever your views on Christian vs State education - this is an issue of whether parents or the state have the right to choose what education our children receive. Signing this petition tells the government that you care about your rights as a parent, and that they should reject the sinister, intrusive and godless recommendations of the Badman Report.
 Please read and consider signing the petition by clicking the link below: