Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Bringing out the begging bowl!

Want a free SIM card (UK) and £2 credit? From Three, who give you free on-network calls, free texts, free Internet and free Skype (even if you have no credit!) every time you top-up? (No? You can stop reading this post now!)

If so, order from this link here:

For this I get £5 for each SIM someone requests. You can read about Three's services at their website - But to get the free £2 of credit, and for me to get the £5, you have to use the link above to order. You'll need a 3G-capable phone to use this SIM.

I came across this because I was wanting a SIM card and Internet when I next visit the UK. This looks a good deal. I e-mailed them to ask if it was allowed for me to promote to my wife and vice-versa or if they considered that unethical. They said it was no problem at all - they can definitely be my friends!

(Sorry to bring out the begging bowl. A recent burglary cost us a four-figure sum (UK pounds) even after we'd recovered much of the stolen stuff, so that's my excuse....)

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