Friday, 11 September 2009

Interesting survey on mega-church pastors

I found this survey on mega-church pastors interesting to reflect upon.

In the same field, I also found a pithy sentence in something blogged by James Jordan useful. (I'm not a fan of significant planks of  JJ's theology, I suppose I'd better add for any newcomers...). Helpful for me because I've always found interruptions difficult - I like to get my teeth into something. But I can't... there's someone at the door. Then I have to remember that whatever "work" I was doing, actually the someone at the door is now "the work" that God wants me to do before anything else - to lovingly apply God's truth and encourage them with whatever difficulty they're bringing along. Along the way in the above article Jordan mentions that real pastors need to be available to their people at all times... "unless he’s a jerk who keeps his door locked and thinks he’s a great scholar and is not available all the time to his people." A dose of the ice-bucket of reality is good for us. "Unless he's a jerk". Thank you for those memorable few words!

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