Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Where the Dickens is dad?

At last, someone in connection with the riots in the UK points out the importance of parenting:


I mean... when teenagers go looting through the night where the Dickens is dad?!?

And when teenagers go looting through the night, and the obvious elephant-in-the-room question where the Dickens is dad?!? comes up in our minds, how on earth do so many allegedly learned writers managed to produce their allegedly learned analyses of the situation without asking that question?

This blog, also from the Telegraph website, by Mary Riddell seems to have got a number of plaudits: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/law-and-order/8630533/Riots-the-underclass-lashes-out.html But I put it in Birbalsingh's category of analyses that "beggar belief"... how did she write so much about the state, and nothing whatsoever about parenting? Riddell says that "social democracy", with costly education and universal health care, is "the only solution". She talks about various politicians; is the state our father now? Analyses like Riddell's are part of Britain's problem. We're in the Biblical category of those so far gone in their sin and blindness, that the elephant in the room can actually tread on us, again and again, and we still don't know what just happened...

Rejecting God's created order for sexual ethics in the "sexual revolution", Britain now reaps the consequences of that folly. Having decided that God's order could just be tossed aside for one of our own, we now see where it gets us. A visitor (from East London) remarked to me this morning that the leaders who come up with their grand-sounding ideas are not the first ones to reap the fruits - it's the poor who have the shocking results in their homes and in their neighbourhoods; but in these riots, it's moved out and now we can all see what the results of our sexual profligacy are. There can be no going back until we first identify the problem - and that means, first of all, repentance towards God and faith in Jesus Christ.

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