Saturday, 20 August 2011

What Africa needs from the Western Church

What Africa needs from the Western church: its best, tried-and-tested, proven pastors to come over, give up their lives in the West long-term and embed themselves in the lives of the majority population (i.e. the poor), teach them the gospel, teach them self-sacrifice, teach and personally demonstrates to them from the Scriptures that they by the power of the Holy Spirit can build self-governing, self-financing, self-propagating communities of Jesus Christ.

Africa's not getting this, it's getting half-measures. These half-measures have brought as many problems as solutions. The West giving less than the above is one of the root causes of the Kenyan church's weakness. We came as friends, but because we gave less than we could, we hurt those we were professing love to. It's heart-breaking.

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