Monday, 25 February 2008

Praise her in the gates!

The picture below is the front cover of the latest edition of "The Practising Midwife", which is read by most midwifes in the UK:

The Practising Midwife

The picture is of the "Osani Community Health and Development Centre" in South Nyanza, Kenya. This centre was the brainchild of my wife Liz, and Ann Beard, a missionary to Kenya prior to retirement. Osani is a poor community which had no health provision, and people had to walk for many hours if they wanted any. That of course means that there was no health provision for many hours walk around, either. Many people died of very treatable illnesses such as malaria, including children.

After visiting Osani in 2002, my wife, together with her fellow trustees and many other helpers, took this vision from an idea to reality, and now a clinic is run daily, and teams of with more specialist skills visit regularly. The are various ambitious plans for future developments, including maternity care - hence the article in the above magazine, which Liz wrote.

To say I'm proud of my wife would be an understatement! You can read more and make online donations for the ongoing costs (please!) and future expansion plans at their website here:

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