Saturday, 23 February 2008

The Evolution Crisis

Earlier this week I mentioned the book written by Professor Anthony Flew, the Richard Dawkins of his day, explaining why he now believed that atheism was mistaken.

In the book "The Evolution Crisis", five atheist scientists explain how they changed their minds and became creationists. Debunking the atheist myths that "scientific progress" means the inevitable abandonment of religion, these five explain how viewing the world as an orderly creation from a divine mind made much better sense of their fields of study than their previous atheist assumptions did. For them as for many others, increasing scientific knowledge in the last century has made the ideas of divine creation and design in the universe significantly harder to refute.

That book is now available online and you can read the accounts of Dr. David H. Stone, Professor Gary Parker, Professor Arthur E. Wilder-Smith, Dr. Roy Spencer and Dr. A. J. Monty-White here:

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your fellow blogger said...

That's big news. Thanks for posting a link to the online book, David. In the past I have enjoyed reading Gerald Schroeder's books, which link science to the biblical account of origins. Since Schroeder was the author of one of the books that led Flew to theism, I was in search of a complete story of Flew's decision. Thanks to your post I can now read it.

Regards and God bless.