Wednesday, 27 November 2019

The sexual dissolution

One of the blessings of my mathematical training was that it pushes me to analyse things back beyond the symptoms. To look at systems and structures and fundamentals. Patterns in thinking, patterns in society.
For some years I have been lamenting that it's much too rare to identify the 1960s "sexual revolution" as the outward moment when Western society irreversibly (in the sense of, if we don't reverse this, there's no other way) chose and set itself on the road to ruin.
As such, I'm pleased to see this blog, and the book it draws attention to, getting some attention. You should read it! Note that all the dots join up. And note the implications. All the monumental mistakes detailed in the article are connected. If you oppose one (e.g. identity politics) but not another (e.g. feminism), then you're not thinking straight.

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