Tuesday, 1 October 2019

You have rights... when it suits us

The Guardian newspaper has published a long-form article, arguing that it is "urgent" to recognise the rights of the unborn.

Yes, you read that rightly. The Guardian! In fact, they don't just mean the unborn; they include the not-yet-conceived.

But wait... what rights are these? According to the article, the right to require present governments to implement a particular political program regarding the environment. No, not the right to not be chopped up, or vacuumed up, prior to birth. Not the right to continue a life that has already begun. Not that kind of right. The Guardian regularly makes clear that such an idea would be an abomination, despised by everyone except, supposedly, those who detest females (don't ask them about the females who get chopped up).

In other words, for the Guardian, the unborn don't have the right to not be slaughtered; but they do have the "right" to, by proxy, promote the sort of political programmes that the Guardian already favoured.

Could you make something of this level of hypocrisy and callousness up if you tried? Would it sound plausible if you did?

Human abortion is the most evil and depraved practice that currently goes on in the world, and we must keep saying so, and keep pointing it out wherever we can.

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