Thursday, 3 January 2019

The wholesale corruption of medical research

Why is this of interest? One of the tenets of atheist propaganda is that such things aren't possible; that scientific journals mainly print objective, verified truth. That wholesale corruption of any area of the scientific establishment isn't possible, because all the checks and balances make it impossible. So - and here we come to the bit they're most interested in - if the leading scientific journals promote molecules-to-man evolution, then the only possible explanation is that molecules-to-man evolution is a fact. Science, they claim, isn't like other human endeavours where all the normal features of fallen human culture like self-interest, fiefdoms, political power-plays, gate-keepers, empires, financial/funding and career prestige/reputational considerations etc., are in play.

Reality, however, shows the reverse; that across all the scientific disciplines, the same factors are in play as in the rest of human life. Inconvenient truths are suppressed, and convenient untruths are promoted, when it suits people to do so. This isn't a conspiracy theory; there's no allegation that some secret octopus overlords are synchronising mind-control of all the main institutions. Rather, it's an argument that arguments from authority, such as "X % of scientists who are published in the top journals agree on assertion Y" is no more valid a proof of assertion Y than any other naked appeal to authority. It's no more valid than appeals to accept a truth on the basis of the Pope's infallibility are, given the reams of proof that no such infallibility exists. So, "the leading scientific journal Nature (to pick an example) promotes molecules-to-man evolution, and therefore you should accept their expert opinion" in itself, means nothing, a) absent an impossible prior logical proof that that journal is immune to normal human behaviour and b) given that reams of evidence to the contrary exist.

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