Friday, 24 November 2017

How to keep up with all these contradictions?

Transgender ideology, when taken on by theological liberals leads to
these ideas:

1) It's rude/bigoted to not use somebody's preferred gender pronouns.

i.e. If Bruce tells you that he's female, then you've go to call him 'she'.

2) God should not be referred to using male pronouns. Even though that's
what he uses in the Bible (see:

Does that make sense to you?

Apparently, theological liberals have made an objective discovery of fact... that there is absolutely nothing objectively true about God such
that he should be referred to using male pronouns. And therefore,
because our speech should reflect objective facts, therefore he should
certainly not be referred to using male pronouns.

But on the other hand... if any confused mortal male human, despite all
objective facts to the contrary, insists that they are not male then
female then.... we should respect that, and go along with it.

This reminds one of the old joke.... Q. what's the difference between
the Almighty and a theological liberal? A. Only one of these two confuses himself with the other.

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