Friday, 3 October 2014

Atheist wish fulfilment

Why are atheists more likely to believe in aliens than non-atheists are? David Tyler says it's a case of wish fulfilment. Atheists want to believe that life is an accident, rather than a miracle. Something that can happen by itself. And so, despite there being no substantial evidence for alien life (or for the ability of life to create itself), they believe it anyway. It's tied up with what they've staked their eternities upon.


Unknown said...

Im not exactly educated on the chance that an atheists would believe or not in alien life but i am aware of how small our planet is to the rest of the universe as well as our galaxy compared to others, we our nothing but micro-organisms and to say that their is no chance of alien life is a proud statement since their our plenty of organisms that us humans would consider alien even in our own ecosystem

David Anderson said...

Pride is a moral evaluation, and involves identifying what ought to be, rather than simply what is?. On what basis can an atheist make evaluations like that?

"We our [sic] nothing but micro-organisms". This is a truly proud statement, because it makes a claim about what mankind is, in contradiction of God's revelation about what mankind is.