Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Banks and governments

I was glad to see Dominic Lawson making the points made here:


Does the command "thou shalt not steal" cease when you cross the line from private sector to state?

In modern secularist thinking, the answer is basically "yes". The state is god, and is above the law.

Thus, modern states' accounting systems are replete with schemes which, as Lawson points out, would very quickly put the despised bankers in jail.

Why is it that politicians are so quick to point out these faults in bankers? Surely they protest too much.

What I find regrettable is that too many Christians in the UK have apparently swallowed the secularist assumption (that the state is divine and not subject, even at a basic level, to the laws it imposes on others). Lawson is not a Christian commentator. Why are Christians not pointing out that modern government accounting contains a large dose of practices that, when others partake in it, are considered both immoral and criminal?

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