Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Uh-oh. The over-population fanatics are on the march.


Caroline Lucas, Green MP for Brighton, says: "In 1930, just one or two generations ago, the world's population stood at around two billion. Today it is around seven billion, and by 2050 it is projected to rise by a third to 9 billion."

What neither the article, nor Lucas, commented on was - would they rather live in 1930, or today?

Today? Thought so. Why is that? Because human ingenuity has come up with so many ways of making life better with 7 billion people than it was with 2 billion. Just like the Bible would lead us to expect - because the world's not an out-of-control juggernaut, but full of God-implanted potential that God-given human ingenuity can develop.

Sadly most Green Party-types are also atheists, so for them, their basic solution to the problem isn't more honesty and hard work with faith in God, but suggestions of eugenics, and demonising the Beckhams who have (perish the thought!) four children. Hmmm.

Research generally shows that the average UK shopper throws away around a third of all the food he buys. And he doesn't need to eat quite as much as he does eat to be healthy. So, on the food front, with no changes in the UK whatsoever except only buying what we need to eat, we could support around 100 million people as opposed to the 60 million people presently living there. i.e. With more people, we could simply put the food in their mouths instead of in the bin. It's a similar story across developed countries. (And in developing countries, the story is to do with corruption, and the gospel producing the "Protestant work ethic" which got the developed countries to where they are now). The solutions are mostly at hand; demonising the Beckhams for having all of four kids is not necessary.

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