Friday, 15 October 2010

How many will be saved?

I've added to my website an essay I wrote in 2004, about three forms of (soteriological) "inclusivism" - i.e. three classes of different ways in which writers have answered "yes" to the question, "will more be saved than lost?". Here it is.

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Ned Kelly said...

Thank you for that, an interesting summary of an issue that can never be resolved by reason alone, else why would so many still be contending on it. Two aspects stand out for me. Firstly, why would God send His Son to die on the Cross if universal salvation was already the plan? Secondly, why would Jesus command us to preach the Gospel throughout the world if it was not necessary for salvation? I don't have any answers, but I am more inclined to accept that these events are of great significance and we should pay attention to them. Failing to do so is disobedience on our part, leading perhaps to false hope and misbehaviour on the part of others. I believe that we should do as we are told, preach the Gospel, encourage others to accept Our Lord Jesus as Savior, and admit to a lack of knowledge and understanding on some issues. We cannot know the mind of God, but we can know and act on what He has told us. Is it a lack of humility that causes us to expound so profoundly on subjects of which we are ignorant?