Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Denis Alexander review available in more formats

There has continued to be interest in my extended review of Dr. Denis Alexander's recent pro-Darwin book, "Creation or Evolution - Do We Have To Choose?". This has included people who've e-mailed me to say they printed it out in full for themselves or others. (It actually extends to 56 A4 pages, including the appendices!).

As a result, I've now made it available in more convenient formats:
Note the copyright statement. This basically means you can copy it, print it and re-use it as you please (even for profit!), as long as you don't alter it, and as long as you include the copyright statement:
© David Anderson 2008-9. Please copy and redistribute as widely as you please (no modifications are permitted without permission). Last updated: 15/04/2009. Feedback: use the e-mail address on my homepage. Or for more open discussion, use the comments facility on my blog.

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