Saturday, 4 October 2008

Creation or Evolution - Do We Have To Choose?

The title of this blog post is the title of a newly published book, by Dr. Denis Alexander, a fellow of St. Edmund's College, Cambridge, and director of the "Faraday Institute for Science and Religion". Dr. Alexander is both an evangelical Christian and a professional biologist. In an earlier blog post I linked to this article,, where I interacted with a magazine article by Dr. Alexander promoting his book.

As noted on the Royal Institution of Great Britain's web site, Faraday was a Christian who (to use the secularist terminology), belonged to a "literalist sect" - or, in other words, he believed that Genesis contained a straightforward, historical account of the creation of the world. He was a creationist. As am I!

Dr. Alexander, on the other hand, is not. The aim of his book is to explain why not, and why you shouldn't be either. In the upcoming series of posts I will blog through Dr. Alexander's book, chapter by chapter.

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