Thursday, 18 September 2008

The Royal Society, Creationism and Atheist Fundamentalism

All is not well in the state of Denmark the scientific academy...

What many will find worrisome is the intolerance of eminent scientists to the suggestion of engagement with the questions of children. Yet they are far from alone. Fundamentalism is spreading across science, with zealots ready to attack anyone who dares question the accepted teaching - be it the unquestionable importance of animal experiments or the unimpeachable evidence for dramatic global warming.

Read the whole article: "Royal Society or Rotten Society?" -,opinion,royal-society-or-rotten-society

Personally I'm glad that this latest ridiculous episode has given us another demonstration of that secularist fallacy, that science is the domain of objective truth, that scientists' pronouncements are all the results of careful sifting and peer-review, and that scientists don't have their own ideological agendas (whether atheistic, Christian or something else depending on how the scientist is), etcetera...

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