Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Yes, but...

Nothing wrong with pointing out legal and societal consequences of the contradiction-in-terms which is "gay marriage", of course...


But should not a former Archbishop also consider it his role to point out the moral and theological consequences? Something along the lines of "this contradicts the will of our Creator" or "this provokes God's wrath" or "Jesus will judge as at the last day for this unless we repent and trust in his mercy"... ?

I mean to say - if it is not his role, then just who is he passing the buck to?

Why is it apparently never strategic for Christianity's purported public spokespeople to say something politically incorrect? Yes, the media will then treat you like a crank... is the job of Christianity's public spokesmen to avoid being labelled as a crank? Or to speak God's truth faithfully and lovingly? Someone needs to decide, because it became clear a while ago that you cannot do both... sadly, the more public utterances of various "churchmen" I read, the more it looks like they did decide; wrongly.

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