Monday, 25 June 2012

The limitations of scientism

Most "new atheists" advocate "scientism".

i.e., you should only believe to be true, what you can prove to be true by empirical testing and logical deduction from the consequences.

By that method, you should not believe scientism itself to be true. Scientism is self-refuting.

The belief that scientism is true is philosophical, and not subject to empirical testing nor deducible by logic.

Proponents of scientism like to contrast it negatively with "faith beliefs", which they define as being beliefs which you have no empirical or logical evidence for. (That is not the Christian definition of faith, but that's another story).

Based upon that definition, scientism is itself a faith belief.

If your world-view cannot even boot-strap itself, then your world-view is a failure. There's no need to be afraid of the big bad "new atheists"; they haven't even joined the discussion yet.

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