Wednesday, 13 June 2012

This takes the biscuit...

Read newspapers, and you will read a lot of quotes that make you say "well, duh..."

But this one takes the biscuit:
Mike Freer MP for Finchley & Golders Green (Con)

"It is sad that the Church cannot seek to reflect society as it is rather than as it would want it to be."

Dear Mike: presumably you never pray, but each day the Christian church prays to God, "thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven." One of our reasons for existence is to transform earth according to the heavenly template. If you think that trying to improve society is "sad", then you think that the church's existence is "sad"... but really, this is rank hypocrisy. What have the liberal elites in political parties such as Mr. Freer's been up to for the last 50 years, if not trying to change society to make it more like they wanted it to be, and less like it was when they found it? For homosexual activists and sympathisers to be complaining about others trying to change society.... pot... kettle... what?

Dear Mike: have you ever lived in a society which exists in the state that human societies invariably exist in before Christ brings them into increasing conformity to his image? If you have not lived in one, then have you done any reading to tell you what that is like? It is all very well to be squandering the West's Christian capital, built up over many years - but can you conceive of a society that manages to consistently throw off the salt-and-light influence of the Christian church? Do you know what that will be like?

You won't like it. You'll probably complain that the church should have done more to prevent it...

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Ned Kelly said...

I suggest that Mike Freer ought to read Peter Hitchens book, The Rage Against God: How Atheism Led Me to Faith. Despite the sincere efforts of the secular humanists, history demonstrates that the inevitable trend of societies is downward, invariably accompanied by moral decline, though whether that is the cause or effect is unclear from history itself. The essential truth that we hold to is that left to himself without any higher authority, man will gravitate to self-interest, which is exactly what history does show. In that sense, the God hypothesis is verified.
The obvious failure of logic by Mike Freer is that if religion reflects contemporary society, what is the point of religion? In Mr Freer's world, society replaces God, exactly the problem that Judaeo-Christian theology has argued against from the beginning.