Monday, 1 March 2010

"Earth's Catastrophic Past"

John Whitcomb and Henry Morris's book "The Genesis Flood" was the epoch-making book that gave Biblical creationism a big leap forward in the late 20th century. (Don't believe the propaganda that says it "launched" Biblical creationism - it had no need of launching; the story by which Darwin swept all before him and creationism died until it came back from America in the late 20th century is evolutionary propaganda, nothing else. Anti-Darwin thinking was always near at hand, and Britain had its own anti-evolution society that pre-dates Whitcomb/Morris by decades).

The below came via e-mail. It's a podcast from "Answers in Genesis" UK about a new book. If this book is what it aims and promises to be, then everyone interested in these issues ought to be getting a copy. It comes from a writer who has the credentials and experience to write it:
The 19th episode of our main podcast, Answers UK Radio, is now available, presented by Paul Taylor, Senior Speaker with Answers in Genesis (UK/Europe)

In this episode, Paul interviews Answers in Genesis Director of Research, Dr Andrew Snelling. Dr Snelling has just published his important new book - Earth's Catastrophic Past. This is basically the replacement and update for the classic Genesis Flood, by John Whitcomb and Henry Morris. Andrew's book is destined to be an equally important classic, presenting, as it does, a thorough biblical Flood geology for the 21st Century.

You will not want to miss this important interview.
This is the link:

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Ned Kelly said...

Interesting interview. I thought I might buy his latest book but apart from it not yet being available, the price shows a AUD 75.00. I might have to reconsider that idea !!!!