Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Are you a Mary?

In John 12, we read of Mary anointing Jesus' feet - with perfume that cost a year's wages. This was after Jesus had raised Mary's brother, Lazarus, from the dead.

Mary, then, was not looking to give the minimum service to Jesus that would pass as good enough - not the minimum expression of gratitude, but an extravagant, lavish outpouring of all that she could find to give to him. So excessive, that it raised a protest from one who was not known as an enemy, but a disciple - who thought it had gone too far.

Which raises the question...

How about you and I?

Is your service to Jesus the minimum that passes muster given your present position? Something like the wedding gift that cost the minimum to not make you look mean and embarrass you? Or is it something that to many even "disciples" looks like it frankly went too far? If proof needed to be gathered that you loved him, could someone find the extravagant, outrageous and excessive acts of costly, self-giving devotion that have been done in serving him?


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