Saturday, 20 March 2010


Public debates, when run properly, are a good way of really getting to grips with two different positions and the points on which the argument turns.

One church in America has just run its third "debate summit" between Christians and atheists, with these three debates, with each participant being highly experienced in their field:

Debate #001 : Dr. Ed Buckner vs. Jay Lucas
Topic: Moral Foundations: "Which makes more sense, Christianity or Atheism?"

Debate #002 : Dr. Will Provine vs. Dr. Andy McIntosh
Topic: "Flight in birds and bats: Is evolution or creation the best guide?"

Debate #003 : Dr. Dennis Sullivan vs. Dr. Will Provine
Topic: "Free Will: Does it exist? Does it matter?"

They're now selling the DVDs (all 3 debates for $10) and CDs ($5). Follow the links given and choose "Debate Series #3".

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