Saturday, 17 January 2009

Teaching at a new Bible college

I'm starting teaching a course at a nearby Bible college next week. I've never clapped eyes on the place or the students. The below is a questionnaire I'm planning to give the students to help me get to know them. What would you ask? Other than where they get their lecturers from, that is.

Get-To-Know-You Questionnaire!

  1. What is your full name and your telephone number?

  2. Are you married, and how many children do you have?

  3. What would you like me to call you in class?

  4. Do you love the Lord Jesus Christ? Since when?

  5. What level of education have you had before coming to Bible college?

  6. Why did you come to Bible college?

  7. What do you intend to do after finishing Bible college?

  8. What are the Christian books you have been most blessed by?

  9. Do you preach? How long have you been preaching for?

  10. Have you read the whole Bible through? How many times?

  11. What do you understand by the doctrine of “justification by faith alone”?

1 comment:

Bible College Student said...

How about 'Have you ever attended another bible college?'