Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Some great articles on theism and science, especially mathematics

Whilst doing a little research, I've come across a web page giving an index of a number of articles by Professor John Byl, head of department of Mathematics at Trinity Western University in Canada. I reviewed his excellent book "The Divine Challenge: On matter, mind, math & meaning" last March, here.

To whet your appetite if this area interests you, I've copied-and-pasted the titles below. The page itself is here.

Does Mathematics Need a Worldview? (2008)

Models and Presuppositions in Science and Theology (2008)

A Christian Perspective on Math (2008)

A Christian Perspective on Physics (2008)

Matter, Mathematics, and God (2007)

Freewill and Responsibility (2007)

Chance, Choice, and God (2006)

Can Science Dispense with Religion? (2004)

Deriving Special Relativity from Electromagnetic Clocks (2003)

Mathematical Models and Reality (2003)

Indeterminancy, Divine action and Human Freedom (2003)

Naturalism, Theism and Objective Knowledge (2002)

On Michael Ruse and Reductionary Illusions (2001)

On Numbers in Numbers (2001)

Theism and Mathematical Realism (2001)

On Life in the Universe (2001)

On Resolving the Littlewood-Ross Paradox (2000)

Special Relativity via Electromagnetic Clocks (1999)

Preliminary Considerations: On Scientific and Theological Method (1998)

The Role of Belief in Modern Cosmology (1996)

On Craig's Defence of the Kalam Cosmological Argument (1996)

On the Natural Selection of Universes (1996)

On Pascal's Wager and Infinite Utilities (1994)

Cellular Automata and the Origin of Life (1989)

General Revelation and Evangelicalism (1989)

Scripture and Geologists (1989)

Instrumentalism: A Third Option (1985)

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