Wednesday, 28 January 2009

A public domain Bible map

Most Bible maps are copyright and it's hard to get permission to use them.

My wife has drawn one for me to use at the college I'm teaching at, and it's in the public domain for you to use as you please, here:

Encouraging news for creationists... I gave my students a questionnaire about what they believed so I could know more about where they're coming from. The questionnaire covered various areas of Christian belief, and revealed a variety of beliefs amongst the students. But on two questions they were totally unanimous; Noah's flood was world-wide, and the theory of evolution is false.


Ned Kelly said...

Hi David,
When downloading your map, I got a QuickTime error. Don't know whether the problem is at my end, some internet setting perhaps, but thought that I would let you know.

David Anderson said...

Hi Ned,

Try right-clicking and saving to disk. Then open up your graphics viewer and open the file from there rather than double-clicking it. It sounds like your computer has associated QuickTime with TIFF files.