Saturday, 28 June 2008

The Hilarious Professor Dawkins

"We've achieved an enormous amount in the way of understanding. We now understand essentially how life came into being. We know that we are all cousins of all animals and plants. We know that we are descended from a common ancestor which might have been something like a bacteria. We know the process by which that came about. We don't know the details but we understand essentially how it came about." -Professor Richard Dawkins, during a debate with Professor John Lennox, both of Oxford University.

Note the "switcharoo" pulled here - Professor Dawkins claims that we understand "how life came into being"; then he goes on to talk instead about how life developed. If you're familiar with the recent movie "Expelled", you'll know that in his interview in it the professor candidly confesses that neither he nor any other atheist has a clue about how life came into being; he then speculates that it is possible that aliens brought it to earth from outer space!
"There are still gaps in our understanding. We don't understand how the cosmos came into existence in the first place but we're working on that."
Good luck with that! I wonder how he kept a straight face... I couldn't keep one whilst listening.

In other news, I'm proud to have now mastered the game of darts to world-class level. There are still gaps in my ability to get within half a meter of the spot I was aiming for, but I'm working on that. Meanwhile, my wife is pleased to announce that she recently broke the 100 meter sprint world record, give or take 10 seconds, and she's working on that too.

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