Saturday, 21 June 2008

Government as God, again

"Enforce sex lessons from the age of five: Speculation is growing that the Government’s answer to record abortion numbers among schoolgirls is to start sex education with five-year-olds and scrap the parental opt-out." - read more here:

Is it actually the case that all the abortions are happening amongst schoolgirls who were being withdrawn from the government's sex education lessons? Is it that the ones in the lessons are angels and the tiny minority are single-handedly sending the abortion figures through the roof? Or would this be just another example of the government in all of its omni-competence deciding that the solution to the problem is to take yet more of parents' prerogatives to themselves?

In any case, the wider ongoing issue in stories like the above is Western governments' continuing attempt to take over the role of God, of parents, and of everything else: you will do with your children as they think best, and they will criminalise you if you don't agree with whatever their latest folly is. This is the tragic fate of the godless. Once they lose their belief in an all-powerful sovereign ruler in heaven, they have to create an alternative one on earth. There can't be no god; the nature of humanity requires one. If we depose one, we need to set up another to replace it. Unfortunately the counterfeit always ends up not being a God of glory for our admiration, devotion and willing service, but a terrifying seven-headed beast.

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