Monday, 30 June 2008

Gay super rights

Homosexual activists are not aiming to have equal rights. They are aiming to have "super rights" - rights which trump those of every other group. They won't rest content until not only are they allowed to do what they want to do, but also nobody else even has the right to express disagreement with them.

Hence this:
Public bodies like schools, the police, and local councils should be forced by law to promote ‘gay rights’, says Britain’s leading homosexual lobby group. Homosexual-only shortlists for Parliamentary candidates should also be permitted, Stonewall says.

The comments come in anticipation of the Government’s proposals for a vast, over-arching Equality Bill.
In this brave new world, all people are equal. But if you enjoy perversion, you get to be more equal than others. Even to the extent that those others get to have their taxes spent on educating them to agree with you, and spent on stacking the decks with even lawmakers to pass even more laws of this kind. Neat!

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