Saturday, 7 June 2008

Head I win, tails you lose

On the one hand, the UK government has made every effort to encourage both parents to get employment outside of the home and to leave the education of their children in the hands of nursery assistants, day care assistants, school teachers, etc. There's every tax incentive to work and have someone else raise the kids, and it's tough going financially if you choose not to.

On the other hand, the same government keeps on proposing to fine parents when their children misbehave. Here's the latest one: "New measures against teen
binge drinking target parents: Parents could soon face penalties if their children persistently flout underage drinking laws, according to press reports."

Surely the government, having encouraged parents to hand over child-raising duties to itself, should be the one that gets punished when the kids turn out bad?
 Seems like having your cake and eating it to me.

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