Thursday, 4 July 2013

Where are the parents?

"In an outspoken intervention, the Education Secretary warned that many households were being turned into guesthouses with “fleeting” fathers playing a bit-part in children’s lives and young people being left to fend for themselves." -

Decades of secularist intervention to weaken the family (and thus increase the power of the state, against which strong families are the final bastion), via easy divorce, promotion of promiscuity, encouraging mothers to abandon their roles as home-makers, denigration of fatherhood (patriarchalism! evil!), relentless promotion of individualism, the progressive take-over of more parental responsibilities via providing more and more government "services", and the ruthless indoctrination of children in the values of secularism, individualism and "claims-my-rights-from-the-state" mentality have led to this situation. The weakness of family life in the West is not an accident, but the deliberate intention of the 1960s radicals who correctly realised where the seat of opposition to their plans lay.

One wonders whether Mr. Gove is blind to this (he recently voted for "gay marriage", so it appears that his voting hand has little idea what his other hand is thinking), or realises it but knows that saying it is unspeakable heresy amongst the elites (with whom it would be to advocate a "return to the 1950s", which is a code-phrase for "return to before the sexual revolution, i.e. enter hell"), or is merely paving the way for the secularist solution, which is that the government then claims more powers to intervene over families under the guise of "solving" the problems caused by the previous interventions.

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