Thursday, 4 July 2013

Things you thought belonged to you... (like, your bowels)

One of our themes on this blog in recent times has been the rise of the State Almighty, the State as divine - all-powerful; able to decree whatever it wishes into being (We can print money out of nothing! Men can marry men! The unborn are not human until we find it convenient for them to be!); able to claim ownership of anything and everything within its physical territory. When there's (in modern imagination) no God, the must (because to truly have no God is not possible) instead be Big Brother, who loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life.

On which note... the Welsh government has just advanced a new ownership claim. It has a wonderful plan for your after-life, too.

You may have thought, up until this point, that one of the things which you certainly did own, and which the state was not likely to claim automatic rights to, was your body. You perhaps lived under the delusion that your heart, liver, lungs, skin, bones, etc., would not, by any law, be presumed to be the state's property. You imagined that you would never need to spend time taking explicit steps to "register" them as not the state's property. That went without saying.

Wrong, wrong, wrong: Yes, even your small bowel.

Notice too the gaping hypocrisy of secular politicians here. When it comes to abortion - where two individuals are involved, mother and baby - the politicians a) declare that there's only one individual involved (the mother) and b) declare that she has a fundamental, inalienable right to do with her own body as she wishes (including hacking to pieces the baby's body, or vacuuming with such power that it breaks into small pieces, etc.). And that "right" is apparently inviolable and sacred. But when it comes to this question of organ donation, that's all dropped. Didn't really mean it, ha, ha, ha! Keeping the government out of wombs? Nope - the secular state claims even bones and skin as its own - quite literally.

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