Monday, 15 July 2013

Responding to "gay marriage"

The Christian Institute, in this paragraph, remind us that Christians need to be not just loving, but also clear and truthful in their responses when confronted in the future with people falsely claiming to be in "marriages":

Parliament can’t change what is hard wired into the nature of our existence. They could pass a Bill saying the moon is made of cheese, but it doesn’t make it so. Marriage remains the union of a man and a woman, whatever the politicians say about legal marriage. Marriage pre-dates British law, and it will carry on into the future.
In the future, British law will have one definition of marriage; and faithful disciples of Jesus will have a significantly different one. That is unfortunate, and will cause various difficulties; but that will be how it is. The line is drawn; the wheat and the tares will now be able to be more clearly distinguished according to which side of it they are found growing on.

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