Thursday, 2 May 2013

Secularists vs. creativity

Christian educators believe in creativity. Within appropriate boundaries, of course - our Creator God is also a God of order. Sometimes those boundaries are breached, and correction is needed.

Secularists and statists who are being consistent don't embrace creativity. They have a counterfeit, which they call "diversity", which when translated out of Newspeak means "perversity, which is compulsory for everyone to embrace or at least shut up about". But as far as actual, genuine diversity and creativity go - those things don't really fit in the statist and secularist view of society.

So, when appropriate boundaries are breached, for the secularist/statist it's time to be expelled, go to the juvenile correction centre, and be charged with crime. Pity the person who is nearing adult years and who still has a child's natural, God-given love of creativity, not having yet had it stamped out of them.

Read and weep:

When the end of time comes, this one will surely be contending for the all-time prize: (and look at the "Related" links down the bottom).

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Ned Kelly said...

Oh dear, it would be funny if it wasn't so sad ... and stupid. What goes through the minds of these school teachers? Why do they think that their silly rules will have any effect when the kids head off home to play violent video games and watch violent movies? As the kids mature, they will have even less respect for teachers and schools as they come to appreciate how wierd they are. Stupid is as stupid does - God help future generations because these teachers certainly are not.