Monday, 13 May 2013

Reaping what you sow

These lines are absolutely dead-on, regarding the effects of the "sexual revolution" and feminism:
In a Guardian article last week, Kira Cochrane, while careful to say most men abhor male violence, nevertheless claimed that the root problem was ‘the threat of male aggression we all live under’.

This is all staggeringly perverse. Man-bashing feminism has much to answer for in creating a climate that came to tolerate the abuse of women and children.

Demonising men as at worst violent and at best irrelevant, it told women they could and should go it alone.

Men took them at their word and started routinely playing the field — thus treating women and children increasingly as objects to be used and discarded.

So why are people now shocked by the debauchery that has been unleashed?

If you remove constraints on sexual behaviour, this is precisely what you get. Permissiveness and sexual abuse are two sides of the same coin. We are now merely reaping what we have sown.

You can't teach the world that sex is merely a self-centred recreational sport, and then hope to avoid the results of people looking at it that way.

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