Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Mrs Cicely Maunder is now an un-person

For 35 years, Mrs Cicely Maunder was a local Conservative Party (UK) activist - organising meetings, handing out leaflets, campaigning; latterly, she served as the chairman of the Chipping Norton branch. That's in the Witney constituency of Prime Minister, David Cameron.

You might think, then, that upon resigning after 35 years service, the Prime Minister would reply to Mrs. Maunder's letter of resignation.


On the other hand, you might think that if Mrs. Mauder were to knock upon the door of the Witney Conservative Association, having previously informed them of when she was coming, wishing to hand over a letter signed by 300 people, then they might have the human decency to open the door and receive the letter. At least, not to totally ignore her existence.


You see, as you can read here, Mrs. Maunder is an un-person. She no longer exists. She's a heretic. In the modern newspeak lingo of "compassion" (Mr. Cameron having made his party into a "compassionate" one),  compassion is what is extended to the orthodox, not to heretics. Heretics must not even be shown common human decency. Mrs Maunder resigned because of the issue of homosexual marriage. She did not agree that radical revolution in the nature of the family was very conservative - or indeed, as she testified, Christian. Neither did she agree that those who did desire radical revolution - such as Mr. Cameron - ought to ram through their new idea despite never having mentioned it to the electorate (and in fact having said the contrary, 3 days before the election).

So, today Mrs. Maunder knocked on the door of her local constituency agency office, accompanied by a letter signed by 300 local voters... and knocked; and knocked. C4M have the photos (same link as above).

The refusal to even open the door illustrated what the "gay marriage" debate is really about. Homosexuals in the UK can already form civil partnerships and inherit the same rights as those who are actually married. "Gay marriage" will gain homosexuals no new legal rights. But what it will do is to give intolerant secularists and homosexual activists a big legal stick with which to beat anyone who dares to disagree with their opinions. The point is not to give homosexuals "equal rights" - they have had those since the civil partnership law was passed under the previous government. The point is to give homosexuals a privileged place in society; super-rights; and to withdraw rights from those who fail to tow the line. The heretics. Like Mrs. Maunder. When the new heretics refuse to teach children that two who are sexually the same can sexually complement each other, or that gender is a mere social construct, or that for two men to give each other sexual pleasure is unnatural, then the law will now encourage the liquidation of those heretics - their removal from their jobs, relegation in society, and stigmatisation. Homophobes! They will be the new class of non-conformists, excluded from all civilised society.

"Equal marriage" is a nice slogan, but it begs the question. An astonishingly arrogant crop of politicians, of all parties, have decided that marriage is not a universal ordinance, much greater than their petty goals and politics, but theirs to honour, protect and promote. They have determined that it is their political football, and a plaything for them to re-mould as they see fit, when the prevailing winds incline them to do so. Marriage is not something greater than them, and binding upon them to recognise - it is a mere government-given contract, that government can change the terms of as and when it sees fit. Marriage is no longer a lifelong, covenantal union between a man and a woman - the only environment in which children can naturally be born, or ought to be raised. No - marriage is just two people, any people, who desire to pleasure each other and have the state recognise their desire to do so, for a time.

The action of knocking on a closed door that Mrs. Maunder partook of today was symbolic. It's a taste of things to come on a larger, and less trivial scale, if the ungodly in this present age get more of their way. She is a lady who no doubt by constitution as well as politics was 'conservative' - an unnatural protester. But some lines are too far. If systemic unrighteousness is the new party policy, then it's so much the worse for the party - and time to be an outsider. "Marvel not, if the world hate you", Jesus said. It's what to expect. Are you ready to move from 'insider' to 'outsider' for the sake of the truth? An 'outsider' is what Jesus was - and he's ready to meet and fellowship with you there.

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Ned Kelly said...

The continuing moral decline of former “Christian” countries is testament to that truth: ”For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against ... the rulers of the darkness” (Eph 6:12). The flesh and blood that we do wrestle against have already succumbed, choosing to be conformers rather than continue the fight as transformers - the role of Christ’s disciples.
Ever since the so-called Age of Enlightenment, we have been assailed from every angle: evolution, materialism, the misunderstanding of separation of Church and State, homosexuality even in the clergy, gay marriage, and other trends leading to a complete inversion of God’s Law: supporting what God said is right is now wrong. I wonder how much longer He will allow this to continue, for I see no signs of a correction in societal morality.
I, for one, am delighted to be an ‘outsider’, for inside is only darkness, and outside is light.