Wednesday, 14 November 2012

She expects me to do whaattt??

This week's "Money Saving Expert" email poses this "dilemma"...
This week's MoneySaver asks... My girlfriend's recently moved away to study. Though I want to see her on weekends, it's not cheap to travel. I've suggested we go halves, since I normally pay the fare to go to her, but she thinks she shouldn't contribute as I'm earning and she's not. However, I don't earn much and while I know she's worse off than me, I think it's a little unfair I should effectively pay to see her.
Imagine that... having to deal with expenses that arise when courting a lady! This woman apparently is reluctant to pay to be courted. The cheek of it! If things develop then she'll probably expect you to provide a loving, safe home environment too one day, and other stuff which no real man should get involved in.

We advise the fellow that he'd best dump the scrounger whilst there's still time. He should hunt around to find someone who expects nothing. Such a lady will surely not end up disappointed...

As we keep saying, modern secular freedom is simply re-packaged, cunningly marketed, slow-burn slavery. In the above "dilemma", the issue arises because there's no remaining cultural expectation that developing a relationship with a potential life-partner is a privilege to be earned and which a man should show himself worthy for, rather than an equal right to be demanded. Supposedly the sexual revolution liberated women... but the end results inevitably included "liberating" men from their responsibilities to be men. The result is that both men and women lose.

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