Thursday, 22 November 2012

Get with the program, fools!

Speaking in the House of Commons, Prime Minister David Cameron urged the church to resolve the schism and swiftly approve female bishops. "I'm very clear the time is right for women bishops, it was right many years ago," Cameron said.
"They need to get on with it, as it were, and get with the program. But you do have to respect the individual institutions and the way they work, while giving them a sharp prod."
In case you needed use of the not-so-secret decoder ring...

Get with the program = follow the dictates of secular humanism.

Modernise / it was right years ago = we require you to agree with secular humanism; no other view-points are acceptable to us.

Giving them a sharp prod = face the wrath of our secular deity, i.e. co-ercive central government.

We know that David Cameron professes to be a Christian. Of how is heart is before God, I have little knowledge. But if you analyse his speeches and proclamations like this one, you'll see that his ruling paradigm, his basic understanding of the world and how it should go, is framed at every important point by the secular humanist narrative. Functionality, he's a classic post-sexual-revolution secularist. Did you think his job was to manage the civil government? That's not what he thinks. His job includes to prod churches which aren't yet in line with the doctrines of feminism and humanism in the right direction. Did you think he should spend his time on improving his government's economic management etc.? He thinks it's his job to bring social revolution in the very definition of marriage, etc.

To secularists, state trumps everything. The prime minister feels no embarrassment, no need to hide the fact that he thinks it's his job to tell churches what they ought to believe and practice. That's what all secularists think; it's part of their idolatrous Jesus-rejecting religion.

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Ned Kelly said...

Amen to that, David. The British PM seems more in tune with the European Union that he would admit to. Though not a fan of our own Prime Minister Down Under, I do admire her stance regarding religions and churches, her atheism notwithstanding.