Saturday, 19 May 2012

Kids books...

We see books and reading (both alone and with parents) as a key part of our children's education.

Contemporary education seems to be much impoverished in this regard. Contemporary technocratic, statist, secularist societies lack imagination.

Kids need imagination to imagine a different world, one living under the Lordship of Christ; to see behind the curtain and think about being transformed and transforming.

Books open horizons; help us to assess and analyse the subtle spiritual propaganda of the enemy of souls, and think differently. Books help us to place ourselves within much larger contexts than the narrow ones we see when we only converse with figures our existing four walls.

Then the question is - which books? Friendly recommendations are always helpful. So I'm grateful to Justin Taylor for publishing this list used by his school, which will give us some material to take a look at and think about getting:

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